Benefits of Massage Therapy

The most common question I get from potential clients is, "What IS Canine Massage Therapy?"  And the answer is pretty simple. Just like humans benefit from Massage Therapy after an injury, accident, or even just plain 'ol stress, animals receive that same benefit.

Animal massage therapy relies heavily on the sense of touch and intuition as our clients cannot tell us what is botherhing them, or what hurts. We study the muscle groups and the effects they have on the body and on motion within the body.  We study known pressure points and learn to develop a strong sense of touch to locate patient specific pressure points and areas of concern.


Massage Therapy provides a lot of amazing benefits for our Canine Companions. The biggest benefit by far is the increase of blood circulation. The reason that it is so good is because that increased blood circulation contributes to your pet's overall health including...

  • Flexabilty and Mobility
  • Helps to Reduce Pain
  • Heal an Injury Faster
  • Can prolong your pet's life
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Improve athletic abilities
  • Releases toxins and helps to eliminate waste
  • Provides great benefits for dogs who are aggressive or timid/shy
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief... obviously
  • Improves quality of life and may extend it as well (with regular appointments)
  • And much more!

Helping Your Best Friend

I know that many people, including myself, have a wonderful, deep, and loving relationship with their pets. Our Massage Therapy is the perfect way to let your pup know that you care about him while also improving his health and prolonging life.

But your dog does not have to have an injury or a health condition to receive the benefits of Massage Therapy.  He may simply be getting old and becoming slower and more rigid. Massage Therapy can help with that.

Or maybe your pup is into sports and overdoes it from time-to-time. Massage Therapy can help with that.

Maybe your dog suffers from Anxiety (just as my Gunner does) and Massage Therapy helps to calm them down.

Or maybe a timid or shy dog begins to live life again and becomes more relaxed and confident.

Whatever the situation could be, it's been proven time and again that Massage Therapy in our pets is beneficial to them in many ways, just as it is with humans.

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What to Expect

The massage we provide is a mix of techniques taken from Swedish massage and Sports Therapy massage.

Just like humans, dogs have dozens of pressure points in their bodies. Some of these points cause relaxation and/or a release of endorphins... both of which makes your pup happy!  During the session, you'll see me locate some of these points and apply various levels of pressure to take advantage of those benefits.

You'll also see me using my hands to scan your dog's body to test muscle tension and locate muscle spasms.  While each major section of muscles will be worked on using a variety of strokes, I always pay special attention to areas of tension or muscle spasm.

After a massage I typically see two types of responses from the dog. The first is what you'd expect... relaxation. But after a relaxing massage some dogs experience a burst of energy and will show their appreciation by showing you how much better they feel!

Just like in humans, massage therapy helps to release bodily toxins and waste. So please make sure that your pup has access to plenty of fresh water after their visit.