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  • If your dog is a high-energy dog, to assist in achieving the best results possible, we recommend that you exercise your dog about an hour before his/her appointment.  Please see our Daycare page if you need assistance in tiring out your high-energy pup.
  • Muzzling: In nearly every circumstance, we prefer NOT to muzzle a dog during their Massage Therapy Session.  However, if your pup is prone to biting or aggressive behavior, this may be necessary.  You know your dog best.  If you suspect that he/she may need to be muzzled during their session, please bring the muzzle with you. Be aware that a dog who is in pain may show more aggression than is typical for their personality.
  • It can be helpful for the owner to stay with us during the session.  Your presence often calms your dog and allows them to get the most out of their session.  However, we understand that this is not always possible, and that is okay. We have partnered up with Wildcat Pet Resort to provide daycare if needed.  You will also receive communication from us regarding any areas of concern.
  • The recommended frequency of the Massage Therapy treatment will depend on numerous factors.  For a dog who is injured or faces other physical difficulties (such as arthritis), our recommendation (NOT a requirement) is:
    • Three times the first week
    • Two times the second week
    • Once the third week, and then on an as-needed basis for maintenance and prevention.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, all Massage Therapy sessions will be conducted in our studio located inside the MuttSchool building.  If you need an in-home appointment, please contact us.  Please be aware that in-home appointments will have a $10 sur-charge.  
  • There are no breed restrictions.  As a Pit Bull owner myself (that is my Gunney pictured on this page), I am keenly aware that dogs, regardless of their breed, are individuals and should be treated as such.           
  • During our first appointment with your dog, a good amount of time will be spent gaining their trust and allowing them to become comfortable with our Studio environment.
  • We are able to provide services to pregnant dogs
  • Services will be provided by a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT) and are done under the direction of Dr. Abbey.     
  • Our methods include a mix of traditional Swedish massage and Sports Therapy massage.                                                                                

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