Our Story

How Healing Companion Began...

I’ve always been an animal lover and my love and appreciation for dogs only deepened when I rescued my first Pit Bull in 2009.  Gunner (pictured above) very quickly became my best friend and confidant. We do everything together, including getting old.

But as happens, my sweet Gunner got older much faster than I did, and he hasn’t been the most graceful at it.  As he ages, I’m constantly looking for ways to help ease his aches and pains while increasing his happiness and relieving any stress.  And while any dog lover will tell you that petting and physical contact with your dog can be very healing, it’s also backed up by science.  In fact, spending time with your dog (especially when that time includes physical touch) releases a chemical called Oxytocin in both you AND your dog.  This chemical is often referred to as the “love hormone”. Gotta love science!

And as Gunner continues to age faster than I would like, I discovered that one of the ways I can help him be more comfortable in his aging body, while also continuing to strengthen our bond and giving us each a healthy dose of Oxytocin, is by providing him with Massage Therapy.

Once I learned how beneficial Massage Therapy was for Gunner, I began to study it and learn more about how it can help much more than just an aging body.  And before I knew it, I was looking into ways that I could help other dogs within my community with Restorative, Repairative, and Relaxing Massage Therapy.

I received my Canine Massage Therapy Certification in 2018 and opened the doors to Healing Companion in Manhattan, Kansas in April of that same year.  My goal has been (and always will be) to help as many dogs in my area as possible.  My most popular service is a full body, 50 minute massage for $50.

If you live in or around Manhattan, KS, I would love the opportunity to provide that same care and attention to your beloved canine companion!  Healing Companion is located at 4912 Skyway Drive in the MuttSchool building near the Manhattan, KS airport.  Making an appointment is as easy as visiting this website and choosing a time that works best for you.  And if you have any questions, I’m reachable by phone at 785-304-0743 or via e-mail at info@thedoggyhealer.com.  E-mail is usually the best as I don’t interrupt my sessions to answer calls, but I will return calls as soon as I can!  

I look forward to meeting you and your pup!


Jill R.

Certified Canine Massage Therapist