all services are provided by a certified canine massage therapist

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50 Minute Massage

Our Most Popular Service!


To get the most benefit, we often recommend a full 50 minute massage for your dog.

During the session, each muscle group in your dogs body will be addressed.  We employ a combination of strokes (commonly used in Swedish & Sports Therapy Massage) to release tension and spasms from muscles and fascia within the body.

And just like humans, dogs have dozens of pressure points in their bodies. Some of these points cause relaxation and/or a release of endorphins... both of which makes your pup happy!  During the session, you'll see me locate some of these points and apply various levels of pressure to take advantage of those benefits. 

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30 Minute Massage

Our 30 Minute Massage is a shortened full body massage where each major muscle group will get some lovin!

This service is great for small dogs who don't need a full 50 minutes to get a good massage or for dogs that are on a maintenance regimen. 

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50 Minute Massage + Anxiety Wrap

Great for stressed out or anxious dogs!

We'll start this session with our most popular service, a full 50 minute massage! (Read the details above for more information on the massage portion of this service.)

After the massage, we'll use a "wrapping" technique for an additional 30 minutes.

Wrapping is a technique used to relax and comfort dogs who experience anxiety (from anything such as separation, PTSD, weather related anxiety, OCD, etc.), stress (both physical & mental), reactivity, and other behavioral and mood disorders.  The technique itself entails using material (such as an ace bandage) to wrap the head and/or the body in a specific manner for no longer than 30 minutes at a time.

This technique helps the dog to relax, learn relaxed behaviors, and increases a chemical called Oxytocin, which creates all kinds of "feel good" emotions!

Just as with the massage service, wrapping also helps to reduce toxins in the body that are built up from stress (both mental & physical).  As such, it's important that your pup have access to plenty of fresh water after their session.

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